Foreign patients welcome!


Interested? Then read below


High class mri (magnet resonance imaging) or ct (computed tomography) service required? Then choose my quick & easy appointments for private foreign patients.


I provide a modern 1.5 Tesla mri unit from Siemens. All spine, musculoskeletal, abdomen or head examinations and most vessel examinations can be done in less than 20 minutes.

CT scans of all regions can be scanned with a modern whole body scanner from Siemens.

I´am a board certified radiologist  and also board certified in neuroradiology (head & spine) from the university hospital of Würzburg.


What should you bring in to your appointment?

For mri scans normally no special preparations are necessary in advance. It´s very helpful to have older (medical) reports of earlier examinations or treatments. Also former prints from mri or ct-scans are very welcome.


Any further questions?

For foreign patients from abroad feel free to ask me via email:  info@radiolgie.one

Insurances accepted

In Germany public health insurance companies are common. If you are member bring your insurance card with you or the confirmation letter of the company that the bill will be paid (has to be ordered always in advance).

Most patients from abroad don´t have a public health insurance in Germany. You are treated as a private patient and have to pay when you leave the practice. Credit cards are unfortunately not accepted.


At the phone hotline for appointments we only speak german. But in the surgery english should be no problem for foreign patients. As you are not familiar with the english or german language an interpreter to bring with you is a good choice. He can help you to fulfill also documents.


Video informations required?

Have a look to our YouTube videos for foreign patients

in english youtube english

or russian  youtube russian (with russian subtitles)


The practice on the map

We are easy to find. Have a look here: map